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Turbo Saw

Thank you for your interest in the Original Turbo Saw: the best-selling line of tree and brush cutting attachments on the market. Turbo Saw products clear land and maximize the performance of skid cutters, tractor saws, excavator mowers, and grapples safer and easier than competing products like shears, clippers, rotatory cutters, chainsaws, & grapples.

Why Turbo Saw: Turbo Saw has the ability to keep cutting trees, brush, and limbs where others can’t follow; any terrain or any type of wood, this attachment easily removes soft woods like Cedars or Cottonwoods as well as hard woods such as Mesquite, Scrub Oak, Chinese Tallow or Osage Orange.

No limitations. Turbo Saw can remove small material as well as large brush, limbs, and trees. It can clear 8 times faster than shear type clippers, and Turbo Saw cuts below the ground. Turbo Saw not only maximizes performance over other brush cutters on the market, but it is safer and easier than shears, clippers, rotatory cutters, & chainsaws.

Compare Turbo Saw products with any other skid cutters, tractor saws, excavator mowers, grapples, or skid steer hydraulic coolers on the market and see why Turbo Saw has so many satisfied customers
More Features. Higher Quality.
Nothing beats a Turbo Saw.